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How many lights should you put up? - LED Panel Depot Blog
How many lights should you put up?

How many lights should you put up?

How many lights should you put up?


To determine how many recessed lights are needed to light any particular area, it is essential to consider the wattage of each light, its purpose, and the available power resources. Planning out this aspect of your lighting project in advance can save many hours and dollars by ensuring that everything is done properly the first time, without the need to replicate work or materials. A little strategy and know-how goes a long way to making any recessed lighting project a breeze!

Consider the Purpose of the Lights
The purpose of the lights is an important factor in determining how many fixtures are needed. Consider what you want the lights to accomplish—are they highlighting a beautiful work of art or tapestry that you want to draw attention to? Are they creating a work space or craft area where shadows will be a problem? Are you using them to light your favorite reading area, or an entire room? Knowing the purpose of the light will help you to decide how far you need it to reach, how bright you need it to be, where each light should be placed, and how many lights will make your project a success.

How Much Light Do You Need?
For general lighting purposes, you’ll want to provide 1.5 watts of lighting per square foot of space in the room. So, to get the amount of lights you’ll need in the room, first measure to get the room’s square footage. Multiply by that 1.5 to get the number of watts needed for that space. Finally, you will divide this by the number of watts your planned light fixture uses to get the number of fixtures the room will need. If your fixtures use LED lights, all you have to do is check the wattage equivalent provided on the bulbs and follow the same calculation.

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Number of Lights Calculator

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