Eco VS Premium LED Slim Panel Lights

Eco VS Premium LED Slim Panel Lights

Eco VS Premium LED Slim Panel Lights


At LED Panel Depot we carry two different lines of product for our recessed led slim panel lights, the Eco line and the Premium line.

The main difference between the two lines is the materials that are used and quality of the components that make up the panels.

We offer a 3 year warranty on our Eco line and a lifetime warranty on our Premium line.


Diffuser Lens

The Premium line has a PMMA diffuser lens that allows less glare in the light as well as no yellowing over time.

The Eco line has a PS diffuser lens that may yellow over a period of time and cause some glare in the lighting.

Chip Type

The Premium line has led chips manufactured from USA and Japan, providing better quality and 100% efficiency throughout it’s lifetime.

The Eco line has led chips manufactured from China, these chips are cheaper quality and may start to dim slightly over long periods of time.

Heat Dissipation 

The Premium line is built with aluminum materials providing better heat sink to ensure the product doesn’t overheat and will operate properly throughout it’s lifespan.

The Eco line is built with plastic materials that provide less heat sink and can cause components inside to overheat and be damaged.

IP Rating

The Premium line products are suitable for wet locations and can be used outdoors.

The Eco line products are suitable for damp locations only and we do not recommend using them outdoors.

Isolated VS Non Isolated Drivers

The Premium line products are equipped with isolated drivers, as our Eco line products are not.

Isolated LED Driver- In an isolated LED driver the Input (AC side) & Output (LED side) are separated by power transformer which provides galvanic isolation. Isolated power supply transform the 110/220V AC voltage to the lower voltage by means of an isolation transformer.

The primary and secondary coils of transformer are not electrical connected by a wire, track etc. This topology can pass high voltage test.

The advantage of this transformer is that any disturbance on primary side of the circuit is not directly passed onto output side. So, the output (LED’s) gets some degree of protection against transients and surges occurring on the primary side. The disadvantages of this configuration is higher cost. Also, the transformer leads to a few points loss of efficiency.

Non-Isolated LED Driver- In a non-isolated LED driver, there is no power transformer. Non-isolated refers that output terminal and the input terminal are directly electrical connected.
The lack of transformer isolation in non-isolated circuitry, means that the LEDs are more susceptible to damage by surge coming from the AC mains as a result of load switching transients or disturbance on primary side.

Consequently, surge protection components are needed on both the AC and DC sides to provide adequate surge immunity effectively.
Non-isolated LED driver is higher on power efficiency than isolated LED driver due to the fact that transformer losses are avoided.

Which Product line is right for me?

Both products lines are approved and certified for your homes in North America. The decision is yours, both lines offer great recessed lighting solutions for your home. Our Eco line can save you some money but is limited to it’s 3 year warranty. For just a bit more, our Premium line has a lifetime warranty because we believe in the quality of these products to last.


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