Challenges to discuss with your Electrician

Challenges to discuss with your Electrician

Challenges to discuss with your Electrician


LED Recessed lighting is a common upgrade in most new homes, and it’s one of the best improvements you can make to an existing home.

During a new home’s construction, the electrician runs the wiring and sets the lights before the walls and ceilings are covered by the drywall.

In contrast, when a homeowner contacts an electrical contractor to have recessed lighting installed in their existing home, it’s a different type of installation. This project type is a remodel, and it presents some new challenges that the electrician will need to contend with.

The first challenge is that the walls and ceilings are finished now, so access for running new wires can be very limited. It’s likely that there will be some holes made to route the new wiring, so someone will need to repair them after the installation of the lights.

The second is that the home is likely furnished. The home and its belongings will be left with remnants of the remodel unless extensive precautions are made to control the dust and mess.

And finally, there’s collateral damage. After installing recessed lighting in thousands of homes over the years, I’m very familiar with all of all of the possibilities for damaging a home during an installation. Mistakes happen, but you can minimize the chances by using an experienced lighting contractor who takes precautionary measures to prevent them in the first place.

In Conclusion….

There are challenges to consider when installing recessed lighting in a finished home. The knowledge and experience of the electrician you choose, in the specific area of recessed lighting installation, can have a significant impact on the end result. Be sure to discuss the three challenges above with any electrical contractor before hiring them.


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