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Top LED Cabinet lighting, Recessed Lighting Online at Ledpaneldepot.com

Latest Cabinet lighting & Recessed Lighting Keeping the light on is the best way to enjoy the interior of any living space. Lighting keeps away the dark from dusk till dawn and during the overcast days. However, though it seems pretty nice with everything inside being bright & clear and work progressing at a phenomenal […]

RGBW Panel Light – Creative Lighting Solution for your Home

Our new Premium Wifi RGBW LED Slim Panels are a new revolution in Smart Home Lighting. With these sleek low profile recessed lights, you will be able to control the brightness and colour of your lights using just your phone with the Smart Life app. Features Scheduling  Schedule your lights to turn on or off during […]

Eco VS Premium LED Slim Panel Lights

At LED Panel Depot we carry two different lines of product for our recessed led slim panel lights, the Eco line and the Premium line. The main difference between the two lines is the materials that are used and quality of the components that make up the panels. We offer a 3 year warranty on […]

How to determine Cheap VS High Quality LED lights

Almost all LED companies advertise 50,000 hours lifespan. This is quite a long time, does each light really meet this standard?  You may not be always getting what you want when purchasing cheap products, so how can you determine the difference in quality? Heat dispassion All led lights need good heat dispassion to keep from overheating […]

Choosing the right LED Lighting

General LED Lighting 1. The design, this factor even can be used for any product. Good design is private designs with high-tech structure planning, high level professional design will make the light working better and longer, of course also will protect the light very well. This factor also tell us why the low price LED […]

Save Money on Lighting with Commercial Rebates

The Retrofit Program is for owners and managers of commercial buildings, institutional buildings, industrial facilities, agribusinesses and multi-residential buildings. Incentives are available for replacing inefficient equipment with high-efficiency equipment. The amount of the incentive is based on the difference between the amount of electricity the equipment currently uses and the amount that the new equipment […]