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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the LED lighting industry – A Detailed Analysis

There is no denying the fact that AI is playing a pivotal role in reshaping the LED lighting industry. The lighting industry is already applying novel techniques for a seamless user interface and smooth operations. Along with that ensuring the best lighting designs and control requires the use of the highest quality techniques. The significant […]

Choosing the right driver for your aluminum profiles

120V LED Light Strips: Long run strips for indoors and out With the constant improvement in LED strip lighting, linear lighting applications continue to increase in popularity. LED flex strips have become the standard for adding indirect, accent lighting around your home. These low voltage, 12V strips are used a lot in under cabinet lighting, […]

Challenges to discuss with your Electrician

RGBW Panel Light – Creative Lighting Solution for your Home

Our new Premium Wifi RGBW LED Slim Panels are a new revolution in Smart Home Lighting. With these sleek low profile recessed lights, you will be able to control the brightness and colour of your lights using just your phone with the Tuya app. Features Scheduling  Schedule your lights to turn on or off during set […]

Smart home trends: It’s time to upgrade your home interiors

How to determine Cheap VS High Quality LED lights

Almost all LED companies advertise 50,000 hours lifespan. This is quite a long time, does each light really meet this standard?  You may not be always getting what you want when purchasing cheap products, so how can you determine the difference in quality? Heat dispassion All led lights need good heat dispassion to keep from overheating […]

Choosing the right driver for your aluminum profiles